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Potential of our engineering realizability

  • The CNC programmers team in the most efficient way use a wide possibility of numerically controlled machining centres.
    The working tool software are: MasterCam 9.1 ; X2 with 5-axes modules from company Camaix and HIPER MILL Company Open Mind
  • We're continuously improving quality and developing opportunities for processing of programming 5-axes airfoil blades machining through the optimization of milling parameters, reduction of working time of tool outside the chip, the use of modern high-performance fully sintered carbides tools.
  • We are sharing knowledge and experiences team. We use modern technologies to improve and resolve issues.


Providing the highest quality product is our priority at every stage of the manufacturing process. Engineering2

Procedures for quality in the performance of blades:

  • The most important requirements relate to:
  1. control of the material before treatment: bars, forgings, castings
  2. control the critical phases of the treatment
  3. compatibility of the final product: dimensions, material

The internal inspection plans of the implementation includes:

  • spectroscopic analysis of the material - a full range of
  • visual inspection of material and check the marking
  • full verification of the material quality documents provided by the subcontractors or material given by the customer
  • dimensional control - after each operation - full or partial receipt
  • visual inspection and magnetic particle inspection of surface - the full range of reception due to the presence of defects, cracks, material discontinuities
  • inspection of the blades qty prepared for shipment
  • re-verify of all the quality documents in terms of their completeness

An example of the procedure implemented in qualitative agreement with the customer's requirements:image010

  • turbine blade type – rotor blade
  • requirements of the customer:
  1. Quality Certificate
  2. measurement cards
    (such as the blade profile, root, convergence);
  3. certificate of conformity of the product;
  4. certificate of material compliance;
  5. measurement of surface roughness;
  6. documentation of the final inspection.