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Spectro and magnetic-powder research

Our Spectro and magnetic-powder research department, provides services for external customers.alt
For the customer, we will certificate our examinations

Spectro Test - to examine the chemical composition of the product we use SPECTRO-TEST JR, which includes research:

  • the chemical composition of alloys of iron, copper and aluminum;
  • species identification;
  • control room materials

We perform the Magnetic-Powder Research (MT) , with magnetic-current Portaflux 2000


Rersearch of Magnetic-powder is used in the first instance, to detect surface discontinuities affecting the consistency, especially fractures. It can also detect discontinuities lying just below the surface. For magnetic research we use DIFFU-THERM products.

We have highly qualified staff with Second Grade UDT-CERT (MT-2) certificate.