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Carl-Zeiss Prismo Measuring machine

The Carl Zeiss Prismo team coordinate measuring machine provides comprehensive measuring services for external customer


We guarantee high quality of service, short lead times of orders and a very attractive price.

We have very modern equipment and measurement software

We employ highly qualified and experienced personnel, ensuring the highest quality of services provided

Carl-Zeiss PrismoCoordinate Measuring Machine performs:

  • measurement of turbine blades
• measurement of the airfoil profile
• thickness of chord line
• measure the coordinates of the blade and center of gravity
• other volumes included in the technological documentation
  • measurements of helical gears with a involute teeth (with teeth straight, tapering, internal and external) alt
• outline of tooth profile
• the inclination of the tooth
• scale and runout
• tooth thickness
• accuracy of manufactured gears
  • linear measurements of elements
• length
• diameter
  • measurements of the shape and position,
  • flatness, roundness, etc.
• parallelism, coaxiality, etc.
  • digitalization of known and unknown 2D and 3D curves



The maximum dimensions of the element are 1200/900/700 mm, and that the maximum allowable weight to 1000 kg. Guaranteed accuracy of measurement is 1,7 + L / 300.
Measuring machine is certified annually by the manufacturer

Carl-Zeiss Prismo measuring machine was co-financed by the European Union within the Sectoral Operational Program "Increase Competitiveness of Enterprises", the years 2004-2006, Priority 2.