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Machining services

The main field in our company is manufacturing parts, details and components for mining industry, but also other elements made according to technical documentation prepared by our designers or delivered by customers. We hire high trained and educated staff with proven track of experience, knowledge and skills in machining. Additionally we manufacture and machine different types of gear-wheels..solar

We offer services for sectors:

  • Power Generation,
  • Mining,
  • Metallurgic,
  • Automotive,
  • Medical,
  • Optical

Please find parameters of several of our machines below.

  • CNC milling machines

  • Max working space:
    • 2000x1000x1000 mm
  • Table surface
    • 2000x800 mm
  • Max weight
    • 4000 kg

Milling machines are equipped with part and tool measuring probes.

Milling machines capabilities – photo gallery

Frezarki CNC Frezarki CNC Frezarki CNC Frezarki CNC Frezarki CNC Frezarki CNC Frezarki CNC Frezarki CNC   

  • CNC lathes

Lathes capabilities

  • Max disk turning diameter ø600mm
  • Max turning diameter ø400mm
  • Max detail length 900mm
  • Max weight 350kg

Lathes capabilities – photo gallery

Tokarki CNC Tokarki CNC
Tokarki CNC Tokarki CNC

  • Grinding machines

Cylinder grinders

  • Max grinding diameter ø630mm
  • Max detail length 4000mm
  • Max weight 2500kg

Internal grinders

  • Max boring diameter ø630mm
  • Max boring depth 500mm
  • Bore scope ø10÷ø400 mm

Flat – surface grinders

  • Max length 1000mm
  • Max width 300mm
  • Max height 500mm

Grinding machines capabilities – photo gallery
Szlifierki Szlifierki Szlifierki Szlifierki Szlifierki Szlifierki

  • Conventional machines

Conventional machines capabilities – photo gallery

Konwencjonalne Konwencjonalne Konwencjonalne