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Technological process

  • Modelling of Casting

MODELLING OF CASTING is made on the basis of documentation prepared by our technology. We provide constant supervision over the implementation of the work MODELLING, which allows us to control the continuous process in accordance with established technology. We make both the new MODELLING, and regenerates damaged or missing MODELLING existing customer. In addition, we have in our stock MODELLING casting rollers and core boxes, which allow us to manufacture cast iron rollers and cores in a wide range of diameters without the need to charge the Customer implementation modelling.

  • Implementation of core technology

Cores execute a manual technique of oil on the thermosetting masses, as well as the technology of CO2 gas.

  • Implementation of technology

The forms of casting are executed by hand based on the formation of masses bentonite. The masses are being prepared for the modern edge runner mixer /blender, which allows to obtain high quality mass.

  • Technology melting metal

Iron smelting is a high-quality scrap metal and machine-certified pig iron casting.

The process of smelting metal:

  • medium frequency induction furnace with a capacity of 300 kg;

Alloys of copper and aluminum smelting are the only certified casting bars.

The process of smelting metal:

  • crucible furnance liquid;

  • Cleaning of castings

Cast initially cleaned in the process of grinding in the modern chamber shot-blasting machine, and each cast is hand-cut, in order to obtain and provide the best quality performance.

  • Quality controlalt

The entire process is carried out under the strict supervision of quality control. In addition, to ensure the highest quality, we do:

  • test masses molding parameters (permeability, moisture content)
  • chemical study of the composition on spectrometer
  • research strength (Rm, HB)
  • batch testing of materials

  • Machining

In order to ensure the full range of customer service, we offer the option to have the machinability of the castings.