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The History

The origins of today's Mechanical Plants "WIROMET" Joint Stock Company date back to the early years of the twentieth century, altwhen the company's land on the current work two small private factory:

  • Blacksmith Szyniakow and fine iron "Jurschik and Company" and
  • Mikolowski forge E. Balcera.

After the World War II, the above plants have been subordinated to the State Executive Board and received a name:

  • Products Department, and forged
  • Mechanical Plants of Mikolow and Iron Foundry.

In the second half of 1950, in place of the liquidated Products Division was forged for repair of Energy Department, which specialized in power generation equipment repairs, production of spare parts for boilers and turbines, special tools and instruments and switch-off power. 1 October 1952 year on the basis of the factory set up a state under the name of spare parts Plants Production of spare parts of power equipment. After three years have been merged with the Mechanical Plants of Mikołow and Iron Foundry, while the change of name to the Plants Production of spare parts. A few years later the company began to function as a back-mining company. Since then, the plant constantly strengthened, and production was growing very rapidly. alt

Production has been changed, and has been adapted to the needs and expectations of the market. For the purposes of the mining industry has been taken including production of electrical actuators, air compressors, electro teams lifting controls to machines and, in the seventies high pressure storage systems teams power supply units and the housing wall. Most of these products is produced to this day. And for the energy produced all kinds of systems, flow-through turbines as the rotor blades and stators, disc management, nozzles, valves, seals, etc. Sent a large share of production for export, starting from Europe after Asia, South America, Africa and Australia.

In 1970 the company adopted the name of Mechanical Mining Plants and the Energy name of Julian Marchlewski WIROMET

Major changes in management occurred in 1990 when the plant began to function as an independent state. In December 1995 under the provisions of the privatization of state-owned company became a public limited company under the name of Mechanical Plants WIROMET Joint Stock Company. Between 1996-2002 the company was incorporated in the mass privatization program and since 2003 as result of the managerial buy-back is a private company.